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2023 Scholarship Opportunities for Seniors

Breckenridge High School 2023 Scholarship Opportunities, with the Bronco logo

--- Welcome Buckaroos ---


Questions: Jann Clary, BHS Registrar ◦ 254-212-4730 (EXT 1002)



Students, you may begin turning-in your scholarship applications to the BHS Counselors' Office on Monday, March 20th, but they MAY NOT be turned-in later than Friday, March 24th at 4:00 P.M. That is the absolute cut-off date and time -- No Exceptions. Also, students, if you are going to ask teachers or coaches to write letters of recommendation, please do not wait until the last minute to do so. Giving them some lead-time will allow them to write a better letter. You can also help the person writing your letter by providing them with a resume that contains a list of talking points - your school achievements, your community accomplishments, your organizational memberships, your extracurricular and/or leadership responsibilities, and those kinds of good things. Lastly, if you are not going to some type of school after graduation, please do not apply for these scholarships. That will allow these funds to be utilized more effectively by students with a financial need.   Good Luck & Go, Bucks!



General Application Scholarship Master List

Special Application Scholarship Master List

General Scholarship Application     WORD     PDF     GOOGLE DOC


SPECIAL SCHOLARSHIPS all have their own forms and are highlited in GREEN whereas GENERAL SCHOLARSHIPS use the GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION and are highlighted in YELLOW. You will see the color coding in the above PDF Master Lists. Just click on the above image to examine the overall scholarship listings.


Below, please find the specific application forms for the Special Application Scholarships and related documents. We have posted both Word and PDF documents if both were available.


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